Lightsaber Lamp - Do You Love Lamp?


lightsaber lampIs you desk in work more boring than usual? Want to dress it up a bit? It's your lucky day because you can finally get a USB powered Lightsaber lamp for your desk. It's one of few (the only?) times you're going to be able to bring any kind of a weapon into work so make the most of it!

This lightsaber is just over 13 inches long when it's plugged into its base but it's not stuck to the base - you can take it out and exact some Force based justice on your co-workers. Or you can just annoy the heck out of them with it.

The lamp has a blue tint to it and is strong enough to light up a small area around it.

This is a fully licenced LucasFilm collectible so you're getting quality at a great price. And let's be honest here - your friends are going to envy you when they see it so torment them by claiming you made it yourself...for a while at least.


  • USB powered

  • Obi Wan Blue

  • 13.75 inches tall

  • LucasFilm Licenced collectible

Order your Lightsaber lamp right'll be sad if you don't....


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