Lightsaber Gadgets.....for something
totally different

If you're like most Star Wars fans you're a loyal collector of Star Wars stuff. You're going to have several movie boxed sets covering the original sacred trilogy and the new movies too of course (not saying there's anything massively wrong with the pre-quels...not really) and if you're luck you'll have some of the Star Wars toys you were given as a kid and they're still in working order.

Now and again you might be looking for something to fill that gap in your Star Wars collection...something new...something your friends don't have...something that might even make them a bit jealous. So I decided to set up this page to list some of the more obscure lightsaber gadgets you can get online right now.

The best part is that most of these lightsaber gadgets are actually useful - they're not just ornaments or things you'll keep wrapped in cellophane - you can actually use them.

lightsaber bokken

Lightsaber Bokken

If you want to get some practice time in before wielding your lightsaber then this bokken is perfect for that job.

Made from all hardwood with a metal reinforcing ring this is the perfect weapon to practice with before going into any epic lightsaber duel!

lightsaber memoryLightsaber USB memory stick

If you want to combine the power of the Force with the ability to store important files (movies, mp3s know the drill) then here's the answer to your dreams.

lightsaber lampLightsaber lamp

Bored with normal lamps and need something more illuminating but extremely cool? Here it is!

laser pointerLightsaber laser pointer
Meetings and presentations will never be the same again. For anyone. Ever.


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